Castaneda OBGYN prioritizes safe and effective birth control options for sexually active women who want to prevent pregnancy. Let’s explore the details:

  1. Methods:
    • Prescription-Based:
      • Female sterilization.
      • Oral contraceptives (birth control pills).
      • Vaginal rings.
      • IUDs.
      • Birth control patches.
      • Birth control implants.
      • Injections
    • Barrier Methods:
      • Condoms (accessible without a prescription).
      • Gel
      • Diaphragm
      • Spermicide
  2. Abstinence:
    • 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.
    • Other methods have high success rates when used correctly.
  3. Routine-Dependent Methods:
    • Pill or fertility awareness method.
    • Consistent daily schedule is crucial.
  4. Risks and Benefits:
    • Infertility: Birth control does not cause future infertility.
    • Added Benefits:
      • Lighter, less painful periods.
      • Acne improvement.
      • Protection against some diseases (including STDs).
  5. Consult with Your Doctor:
    • Personalized advice based on your lifestyle.
    • Discuss options and choose what suits you best.

Remember to schedule an appointment with Castaneda OBGYN for tailored guidance on birth control options.