Castaneda OBGYN offers a range of barrier methods for birth control. Let’s explore the details:

  1. Condoms:
    • Male Condoms:
      • Made of latex or plastic.
      • Worn on the penis.
      • Available over-the-counter.
      • Protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
      • Suitable for all forms of sex.
    • Female Condoms:
      • Soft, plastic tube inserted into the vagina over the cervix.
      • Captures sperm during intercourse.
      • Contains lubricant inside.
      • Provides protection against pregnancy and STDs.

  2. Diaphragm:
    • Description:
      • Flexible, dome-shaped cup made of silicone.
      • Inserted into the vagina before intercourse.
      • Covers and protects the cervix.
    • Effectiveness:
      • Requires practice but can be highly effective.
      • Used with spermicide.
      • Lasts up to two years.

  3. Sponge:
    • Description:
      • Round, plastic foam with spermicide.
      • Covers the cervix to block sperm.
      • Easy to insert (similar to a tampon).
      • Effective but not suitable for everyone.
    • Usage:
      • Can stay in place for up to 24 hours.
      • Discarded after use.

  4. Spermicide:
    • Forms:
      • Gels, creams, foams, suppositories.
    • Function:
      • Stops sperm from moving.
      • Prevents sperm from reaching the cervix.
    • Usage:
      • Inserted deep into the vagina before intercourse.
      • Often used with diaphragms or cervical caps.


Remember to choose the method that suits your lifestyle and consult with our healthcare providers for personalized guidance.