At Castaneda OBGYN, we emphasize preventive and consultative practices for women’s health, regardless of their apparent well-being. Our Annual Well Woman Care program focuses on regular screenings, tests, and overall maintenance visits. Let’s explore the key components:

  1. Breast Exam:
    • Mammograms: Highly encouraged for women over 40, ideally every one or two years.
    • Early Detection: Vital for breast cancer.
  2. Breast Changes to Monitor:
    • Be vigilant about any of the following:
      • Developing lumps.
      • Swelling.
      • Skin irritation.
      • Nipple pain or retraction.
      • Redness or scaliness of the nipple or breast skin.
      • Any discharge other than milk.
  3. Pelvic Exam:
    • Purpose: Assess organs near the pelvis (vulva, uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder, rectum).
    • Components:
      • External examination (shape and position assessment).
      • Speculum exam (vaginal and cervical inspection).
      • Sometimes includes a rectal exam.
  4. Pap Smear (Pap Test):
    • Purpose: Sample cervical cells to detect abnormalities or tissue changes related to cervical cancer.
    • Note: Not 100% conclusive for sexually transmitted diseases; additional tests may be necessary.
  5. Additional Tests:
    • Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Check: Part of comprehensive care.
    • Optional Tests:
      • Bone Density Scanning/Osteoporosis
      • Cardiac Screening (for women with risk factors)
      • Colonoscopy (recommended every ten years after age 45, except for those with risk factors)
      • Breast Cancer Screening

Remember to prioritize your health and consult with our healthcare providers for personalized guidance.